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Corrie Lynn founded Pet Pastries in 2008 when an ill ferret needed her attention in monitoring all of his nutritional requirements. They gave Joey 6 months to live. She cooked and baked for him macrobiotically using whole organic foods and she transitioned every synthetic cleanser into natural ones - It gave him 2.5 more years. Soon she was doing the same for shelters, friends, family and even the local coffee shop dog.  And now she is doing it for people with pets like you!

After almost a decade of providing macrobiotic dog food and pet services, Pet Pastries have had some additions to the pet services team. All three team members provide all of the various pet services. Corrie personally makes all the dog food and treats for all clients. 


Corrie LYNN


Corrie is certified in Holistic Care for Companion Animals and interned under a traditional allopathic veterinarian. Having grown up on a farm in Ohio, she always enjoys having animals around her. She grows to love the fur-kids she works with as if they were her own. They are family members and she will exceed expectations by providing exceptional care tailored just for them. She lives with her partner Jordan and their ferrets Parker, & Brady in Squirrel Hill. In her free time Corrie enjoys jumping out of planes with Skydive Pittsburgh.

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RICK brake

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Rick studied to be a veterinary technician and was a long-time volunteer at the Pittsburgh Zoo for over a decade before joining Pet Pastries full time in 2015. He lives in Forest Hills with his four famous dogs Piper, Bandit, Onyx and Chico. You can follow their full adventures on instagram @pgh_walker88. Rick finds dog walking to be not a job, but a lifestyle. With a daily goal of reaching over 20,000 steps he looks forward to all the neighborhood walks, playgroups, and pet visits with his pets joining him on most walks. Rick is also the most talented at taking great dog photos of the pack!

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  joy  nix

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Joy joined the Pet Pastries pack in 2017. She enjoys being outdoors as much as possible in all weather - having been a rowing coach and director for the last decade. Her Bernese Mountain Dog named Bundle (Bundle of Joy!) was a trained therapy dog who just recently retired at the age of 8. You can see more pictures of their adventures on instagram @boatfullofjoy. Joy enjoys the communication dynamics between animals. In her free time she is a disability advocate and enjoys dancing and listening to live music. She lives in Sewickley with her family.