dog treats

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All cookies are made to order. If you prefer a specific flavor or ingredient not listed here, please let us know and we will bake to suit. We use Organic Raw Honey in our cookies. If you /your pet are a strict vegan and do not wish to feed this to your animal, please specify and we will omit this ingredient from your order. 

•    Apple Cinnamon (Vegan)

•   Beefy Bites (Made with Macrobiotic Broth fortified with Vitamins & Minerals)

•    Breath Busters (Vegan) for halitosis and gastric issues by reducing Ph in stomach

•    Chicken & Brown Rice (Made with Macrobiotic Broth fortified with Vitamins & Minerals)

•    Cinnamon (Vegan)

•    Garlic & Flax Seed (Vegan) for healthy skin, coat and nails

•    Oatmeal Banana (Vegan)

•    Oatmeal Carrot (Vegan)

•    Oatmeal Cheese (Vegetarian)

•    Peanut Butter & Apples aka "Sookie Supremes" (Vegan)

•    Peanut Butter & Banana aka "Eppey Extremes" (Vegan)

•    Peppermint Paddies (Vegan) for digestive upsets and halitosis

•    Pizza Paws (Vegetarian)

•    Pumpkin Bites (Vegan) supports healthy stools, anti-diarrhea

•    Turkey Bites

•    Holiday Themed Cookies

Treats are priced by the pound, regardless of which treats you order              1 lb $12.00

*Herbal or Vitamin Supplementation add $1.00 per 1 lb.

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